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Disposable Vapes

There is a certain convenience that comes with purchasing a disposable vape, and Armsacres wants you to have that! Our Torch vapes will have you both discretely and efficiently high in no time. Our Vape Deals: 3 for $100 or $50 for 1

Deals On Ounces

Do you want to stock up on your favorite chronic? Armsacres has everything you could ever want, and more! Our 3 tiers for purchasing ounces: ECONOMY: $125 PREMISE: $200 GOLD: $250 (Gold package ounces are split into 8 eighths, which means you get to choose from a variety of different strains for each individual eighth!)

Pre-roll deal

Is it one of those days where you want sit back, relax, and smoke, but even the thought of having to roll it up yourself makes you think twice? Well don’t fear, Armsacres is here. Our pre-roll deals are unbeatable, and won’t have you thinking twice about whether you will be able to sit back, […]

Free Weed Delivery

For over 15 years ArmsAcres has been the most trusted weed delivery service in the state of New York. There is no better feeling than being able to enjoy New York City’s finest cannabis in the comfort of your own home, all without having to move a muscle. Not only do we deliver in a […]