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New York City Edibles

New deals on Edibles (Cookies/Gummies)! Checkout our pricing and menu pages for further information.

Free Weed Delivery New York City

Finding a reliable and trustworthy weed delivery company in New York City can be hard, especially when there are so many options. Look no further, we’ve got you covered here at Armscacres. For over 20 years we have been a staple in the New York City weed delivery business, servicing the Boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, […]

Recreational Marijuana New York City

Are you are an advocate for all things marijuana and want spread the word on all of its benefits? Well you’ve come to the right place. Here at Armsacres we think it is vital to educate all of our customers on the many benefits that weed and the components within it have to offer. We […]

Weed Deals For Everyday Of The Week

We want to share some great news with you guys, our Armsacres family! We are no longer providing weekday subjective deals, such as our Two-for-Tuesday deal, rather these deals and discounts that were only available on certain days will be available to all of our customers every day of the week. So call our dispatcher […]

Medical Marijuana Use

Throughout centuries, civilizations have fought against the medical outbreaks that plagued thousands, if not millions. It began with mixtures of garden herbs, a holistic approach so-to-speak, and has now turned into the vast majority of humans bending to the will of Big Pharma. But what many refuse to realize is that the holistic approach to […]

New York City Weed

Here at Armscares we understand how difficult it can be to travel to a different state and haven’t the faintest clue where to purchase high-quality weed from a trusted source. Whether you are just visiting New York City for a short period or moving here for the long run, Armscares is here to cater to […]

Refer a Friend Deal

In a world where nothing comes free, we at Armsacres have found a way to prove that statement seemingly false. Everyone loves a good deal, even more so when it is free. That is why we are now offering a refer-a-friend deal. Anyone who refers 10 new customers to us will receive an ounce for […]

Weekend Weed

As we approach the weekend, make sure you are fully stocked up on all your goodies! Wherever this weekend takes you, Armsacres in New York City is by your side to fulfill all your Cannabis needs. Whether you are taking a walk through Central Park, doing some light shopping in SOHO or just relaxing in […]

New York City Edibles

Are you not a fan of the smoke and smell of weed? Or do you simply prefer the high you get from eating edibles? Whatever the case may be we’ve got you covered here at Armsacres in New York City. From cookies to gummies, we have it all. We also offer daily deals on all […]

Marijuana and Its Benefits

For decades there has been a stigma around recreational Marijuana use, but here at Armsacres we believe that everyone, not just our customers, should be informed of the various benefits old Mary Jane has to offer (yeah, there’s more to it than just getting high!). Cannabis contains many components that are beneficial to our health. […]

Best In The Weed Business

Long before the great city of New York began its legalization process of recreational Marijuana use, the Armsacres family swam against the tide of naysayers. Not only were we pushing against the tides and breaking barriers, we were doing so while maintaining a certain reputation amongst our customers. Our reputation was, and still is, beyond […]

We’ve got all the weed you need

Here at Armsacres we specialize in providing our customers with the best weed New York City has to offer. Our products come in all shapes, sizes, and strains. Want some bud? We got it. Want some edibles and gummies? We got it. Want some disposable vapes? We got it. Your options are endless with us, […]


Start your week off right with some bud from Armsacres in New York City! Our chronic is guaranteed to have you ready to take on these Monday blues like a champ. Check out our current deals to see what we have in store for you today!  

Free Weed Delivery

For over 15 years ArmsAcres has been the most trusted weed delivery service in the state of New York. There is no better feeling than being able to enjoy New York City’s finest cannabis in the comfort of your own home, all without having to move a muscle. Not only do we deliver in a […]

Disposable Vapes

There is a certain convenience that comes with purchasing a disposable vape, and Armsacres wants you to have that! Our Torch vapes will have you both discretely and efficiently high in no time. Our Vape Deals: 3 for $100 or $50 for 1

Deals On Ounces

Do you want to stock up on your favorite chronic? Armsacres has everything you could ever want, and more! Our 3 tiers for purchasing ounces: ECONOMY: $125 PREMISE: $200 GOLD: $250 (Gold package ounces are split into 8 eighths, which means you get to choose from a variety of different strains for each individual eighth!)

Pre-roll deal

Is it one of those days where you want sit back, relax, and smoke, but even the thought of having to roll it up yourself makes you think twice? Well don’t fear, Armsacres is here. Our pre-roll deals are unbeatable, and won’t have you thinking twice about whether you will be able to sit back, […]