WDG – Sour Infused Gushers 500mg

WDG – Sour Infused Gushers 500mg


Elevate your edible experience with Sour Infused Gushers, a delectable treat that combines the classic Gushers flavor with a sour twist. Each edible packs a potent punch with 500 mg of premium cannabis extract, promising a delightful journey for both seasoned enthusiasts and those exploring the world of cannabis-infused edibles.


Introducing the World’s Dankest Gushers

A Sensation in the Cannabis Edibles World:

The “World’s Dankest Gushers” have taken the cannabis edibles community by storm, creating excitement and sparking a hot pursuit among enthusiasts. With their potent THC content and delicious flavor.

Maintaining Original Taste with a THC Punch:

Despite their high THC content, the new infused Gushers manage to preserve the familiar taste of the original child-friendly snack. Each bite delivers a potent THC punch that only a fruit Gusher could provide, offering a delightful combination of flavor and potency.

Resealable Pack for Convenient Dosing:

Each pack of the “World’s Dankest Gushers” contains 9 infused Gushers, with each gummy packing a hefty 500mg of THC. While this dosage is not to be taken lightly, the resealable pack allows for convenient dosing, ensuring users can enjoy these delectable treats responsibly.

Know Your Tolerance:

Before indulging in the “World’s Dankest Gushers,” it’s essential to know your tolerance level as a cannabis edibles user. With their high THC content, these infused Gushers are best enjoyed by experienced users who are familiar with their tolerance levels.

Experience the Best of Both Worlds:

Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or simply satisfy your sweet tooth, they offer the perfect combination of taste and potency. Treat yourself to these infused Gushers and experience a new level of cannabis edible enjoyment.

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