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For most people, there comes a time in life where you are simply and utterly broke as can be. So broke that you stoop low enough to search up paid surveys online just to make a quick buck. Admit it, you’ve all been there at some point in time. And in that time of crisis you may have scrounged up enough cash to cover your bills for the month, but that’s about it. You had no wiggle room left for the usual girls/boys night out, or that new pair of kicks, and most importantly you had absolutely no wiggle room left for your weekly splurge on weed. Nowadays weed is so expensive that it can be seen as a luxury once-a-month kind of purchase. Here at Armsacres we understand the struggle of being strapped for cash, which is why we offer the best and most affordable weed prices in New York City. Whether you are a starving artist, a single mom, or just simply on a budget, we are here to cater to all your weed needs. Our Daily Deals offer a variety of products that won’t hurt your pockets, and will guarantee you a much needed high. Call our dispatcher and place and order for free delivery (servicing the Boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan)

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