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Summer has officially begun which means long gone are the days of having to crack open a bedroom window to smoke inside, all to avoid the sharp bite of the notoriously cold New York winters. You can finally enjoy the warmth of a hot summers day, alongside the warmth of freshly rolled joint in your hands. The changing of seasons in New York City is inevitable, but is the same to be said for having weed at your disposal? You need not worry about that any longer, Armsacres is here to cater to all your weed needs. Whether you want to relax pool-side with your bong or take a nice summer stroll through Astoria park while you light up a doobie, we are here to make sure you have all the items you need to execute a perfectly crafted summers day. Call our dispatcher and place an order for free delivery! (servicing residents in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan from 11-9PM)

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