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Throughout centuries, civilizations have fought against the medical outbreaks that plagued thousands, if not millions. It began with mixtures of garden herbs, a holistic approach so-to-speak, and has now turned into the vast majority of humans bending to the will of Big Pharma. But what many refuse to realize is that the holistic approach to medical care is easier to access than originally thought. For over twenty years, those who suffer from illnesses have been using marijuana medicinally to aid them in their recovery journey. Twenty years is about the same amount of time that Armsacres has been at the disposal of the great citizens of New York City, and throughout those two decades we have served both those who use marijuana for medical reasons and recreationally. We realize that medical recovery journeys can sometimes be long and grueling. Which is why we at Armsacres want to provide our community with the best priced high-quality weed in New York City for those who may want to try something different other than what Big-Pharma has to offer.

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