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Weed comes in many forms which allows connoisseurs to explore the plethora of options on how to get high. Truthfully its all about preference and comfortability. Even with this realization, one still might ask “what is the best way to get high?”.  The answer to this question simply depends on the person you ask, and it ranges from a variety of different forms that weed comes in. You can ask a pot-head veteran and they will say to just roll a joint and enjoy, you can ask a college student and they will say gravity bong all the way (you know, because it’s cheap and convenient), or you can ask a business man (or woman, because hello its the 21st century) who is always on the run and they will say edibles because of its quick and efficient nature. The list goes on and on, and with the number of possible ways to get high growing exponentially it can be hard to keep up with the times. Fortunately, here at Armsacres we provide products that appeal to every and all type of weed lover. Ranging anywhere from the bud itself all the way to the ever-so-popular disposable vapes. The quality of our products is high, so you should be too! Call our dispatcher and place an order for free delivery, catering to the residents of Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan from 12-9PM everyday.

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