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Long before the great city of New York began its legalization process of recreational Marijuana use, the Armsacres family swam against the tide of naysayers. Not only were we pushing against the tides and breaking barriers, we were doing so while maintaining a certain reputation amongst our customers. Our reputation was, and still is, beyond reproach despite the emergence of rival businesses. Our customers never have to question what our priorities are as a business, because our loyalties lie with them. This can be seen through our services such as; free delivery for customers who like convenience, fair prices for those who are trying to be fiscally responsible, and an extensive inventory including buds, pre-rolls, disposable vapes, and edibles for our customers who have a hard time choosing. We understand it can be difficult to find a company in which you can trust, but luckily for you Armsacres has been built on a foundation of trust between us and our customers.

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